• Mahmoud TRACHI Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Technology, M’hamed Bougara University, Boumerdes, 35000, Algérie
  • Hind Magaz Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Technology, M’hamed Bougara University, Boumerdes, 35000, Algérie
  • Roumaissa Mahsas Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Technology, M’hamed Bougara University, Boumerdes, 35000, Algérie



kinetic; moisture; mathematical model; traditional couscous.


The thin layer drying behaviour of acorns was investigated at three oven temperatures (60, 70 and 80 °C). The drying kinetic was fitted and modelled using different mathematical drying models. The use of First-Order (FO) and Pseudo-First-Order (PFO) was proposed and estimated for describe the moisture content evolution of acorns as a function of time. According the coefficient of determination (), the root mean square error (RMSE) and the sum mean of square error (c²), the best fit was given by the Logarithmic model. A good fit ( > 0.9942; RMSE < 2.238 and c² < 6.014) was shown by FO and PFO indicating their aptitude to describe the thin layer drying kinetic of acorns. Effective moisture diffusivity increased from 4.016´10-8 to 1.244´10-7 m² s-1 with the rice of drying temperature. The elimination of water from the acorns requires an activation energy of about 55 kJ mol-1.


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