Peer Review Policy

Manuscripts should be submitted via the Open Journal Systems (OJS), for manuscript preparation, see Author Guidelines.

The manuscript should be accompanied by a Cover Letter signed by the corresponding author. The Cover Letter, dated and signed in blue ink, should be submitted as a supplementary file during submission process of the manuscript (in pdf format). Manuscripts that are not accompanied by a Cover Letter will be automatically rejected.

The Editor-in-Chief makes an initial appraisal of each manuscript. If the topic and treatment seem potentially appropriate for the journal, the manuscript is assigned to a section editor who oversees the review process. Once the review process has been completed, the section editor recommends acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

On topic papers will be primary tested for plagiarism. If the paper is suspected of plagiarism, it will be automatically rejected.

Journal of fundamental and applied sciences has a "single blind" review process: authors are not told who reviewed their paper . The reviewers give their advice on publication opportunity, together with their observations to the editor in chief, which will transmit them to the authors. If the referents have contrary opinions, the editor in chief may ask the opinion of a third referent.

After a decision is reached, a reviewer is free to contact the authors privately about the manuscript. A decision on the manuscript generally may be expected within 3 to 4 months of submission; delays in obtaining reviews may prolong this process. Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically, and all correspondence takes place via e-mail.

After acceptance notification, the corresponding author should remit the final format of the accepted manuscript within three working days after the acceptance notification.