• Muhammad Abubakar Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences. Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.
  • Ibrahim Tajo Sirajo Department of pure and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Science, Bayero University Kano. PMB 3011 Kano-Nigeria



Heavy Metals; Physicochemical Parameters; Water; Mubi; Adamawa.


An attempt has been made to detriment the concentration level of some heavy metals and physicochemical parameters in hand-dug Well and Borehole water of Mubi local government area of Adamawa state with the aid of AAS, pH and conductivity meter. Water samples were collected from ten sites which serves as drinking water sources and subjected to analysis for determination of Pb, Cd and Cr. The result shows equal concentration of Pb (0.048±0.00 mg//L) detected from three samples, the concentration level of Cd and Cr ranges between 0.088 to 0.439 mg/L and 0.250±0.165 to 0.750±0.333 mg/L respectively, this indicate that all the three heavy metals detected were above the standard limit set by WHO and SON for drinking water. pH, conductivity and TDS values ranges between 6.94 to 8.14, 362 to 1063 µS/cm and 199.10 to 584.65 mg/L respectively, these were less than the value set by WHO.



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