• Abdalla Mohamed Hussein Department of Horticulture Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Kassala, Sudan



Nitrogen DAP; Okra Cultivars; Growth Yield.


An experiment conducted to know the effect of nitrogen and DAP on growth and yield of okra cultivars. It laid down in (SRCD), with three replications. The treatments are control Co, two levels of nitrogen and DAP referred to as; N1, N2, D1, and D2, it is equal to 0, 36, 72, 72, 144 g plot-1, respectively, and cultivars of Bassnty, Jamoia, Khartomia. The results revealed that treatments significantly affected all parameters except yield per plant and hectare. Higher nitrogen gave the heaviest fresh and dry weight, while control gave higher dry matter. The greatest number of pods per plant recorded by the higher dose of DAP. Bassanty significantly increased vegetative and productive parameters and slightly pod yield per plant. Bassanty received the higher dose of DAP significantly increased growth, while Jamoia with lower dose of nitrogen increased yield components. This result concludes that the attributes of okra influenced by both treatments.


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